Bluetest signs distribution agreement for China with Corad Technology Limited

"China is the fastest growing economy in the world with many world-leading wireless companies. Bluetest is very happy to add Corad Technology Limited, with its large network of offices and sales channels across China covering manufacturing, academic and research organizations in the area of Wireless & Microwave Communication, to its distributors" says Mats Andersson, CEO of Bluetest AB.

Test & Measurement (T&M) Operation of Corad Technology Limited is a customer oriented distributor, established since 1980 with a focus on customer needs, service satisfaction, and product quality. Corad T&M is not only a team of engineers with the skill of business development, sales & marketing, service & support, but also a team that listen to customers attentively, and determined to deliver the best test & measurement solutions. "The Bluetest test chambers with their unique ability to do direct very fast MIMO and antenna diversity measurements will provide significant time savings for our customers working with advanced multi-antenna solutions for e.g. WiMAX, LTE and TD-LTE" says Simon Kwok, General Manager of T&M Operation, Corad Technology Ltd.

The Bluetest reverberation chamber technology is used to measure the total RF performance of wireless devices with small antennas. In the past two years the sales of Bluetest products have accelerated and in a few years we believe most companies working with products using small antennas will use this technology. The Bluetest chambers are the only commercially available test chambers that allow direct testing of antenna diversity gain and MIMO capacity, both of which are key technologies for new (e.g. HSPA, 802.11n) and future (WiMAX, LTE) wireless broadband systems. The capabilities offered by this technology also include extremely fast measurements of antenna efficiency, total radiated power (TRP) and total isotropic sensitivity (TIS). All of this capability is bundled into a very compact, cost effective, and easy to use system.