RI 263 Notch Filter

Tunable band reject filter

The RI263 is a high performance electronically tunable band reject (notch) filter that supports spurious emission measurements close to the carrier in all LTE and 5G frequency bands, up to 6 GHz, by rejecting the carrier frequency with at least 35dB. It can be used for measurements on both devices and base stations according to specifications such as 3GPP TS 36.521-1, TS 38.521-1 and TS 38.141-2.

An extension box with fixed high pass, low pass and band pass filters support measurements further away from the carrier, all the way up to 26.5GHz. Depending on need, it can contain from two to a dozen different filters. The complete filter solution is remotely controlled via a LAN connection using SCPI commands.

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