RF Absorber Kit

RF Absorber Kit - Tuning the Delay Spread

For some measurements it may be necessary to tune the delay spread of the measurement chamber. An easy and convenient way to tune the delay spread is to use the RTS65 RF Absorber Kit consisting of blocks of RF absorbing material with magnetic backside. The kit comes in a protective case and has 2 sizes allowing for accurate delay spread adjustment. The RTS chamber has clearly marked fixed absorber locations to reduce measurement uncertainty and to easier repeat measurements. There are also dedicated absorber kits available for the RTS85/RTS95 and the RTS25.

Examples of Applications


WLAN and Bluetooth equipment is designed for indoor/urban environments with a short distance between access point and terminal corresponding to a shorter delay spread and a lower resistance to inter symbol interference caused by long delay.


It is recommended to tune the RMS delay spread with the RF Absorber Kit to a standardized 80-90ns for TIS and data throughput measurements.