Cutting-edge consulting services & solutions for RF and wireless testing

- Providing the performance tools and know-how


Who we are & what we do

A pioneer in RBS (radio base station) and wireless performance evaluations, test system integration house GTT delivers complete hardware and software solutions for advanced electronics applications. In addition to world-class consulting services, we provide custom equipment based on the trademark GTT RBS Test Suite platform and stand-alone products for testing electronics, power amplifiers and filters including PIM and Radio Base Stations. GTT's unique range of services and solutions furnish our customers with the added-value tools and know-how to enable faster, more efficient, and more cost-efficient testing than ever before, providing a competitive edge in go-to-market strategies.

Providing complete ecosystem of world-class test services

GTT provides a spectrum of state-of-the-art test solution services from performance verification to high volume production testing for telecom manufacturers across 3 continents. Backed by over 20 years of experience, our skilled team of engineers provide our customers with specialist expertise in RF (radio frequency) measurement and production test systems.

Core competency

  • Broad expertise within and combining test production and aftermarket processes
  • Tried and proven! Delivering the benchmark for platform and standard solutions for product testing
  • Innovative solutions that furnish lower total cost of ownership and unrivaled level of quality
  • Turn-key solutions including full test system integration for customer production line or laboratory
  • Advanced integration and test platform optimization services available for customized needs

Tailored solutions, guidance and off-the-shelf options available on-demand

As part of a compete portfolio of services and solutions, the GTT team can offer the unique expertise necessary to develop niche system parts and customized building blocks based on individual customer specifications. Highly skilled engineers can provide needed guidance for investigation or specification work to ensure that you as a customer achieve the optimal solution, built on your specific business needs. In addition:

  • Customer Support: Customized support agreements are available and can be molded according to customer needs
  • Off-the-Shelf modules GTT can supply off-the-shelf building blocks for test purposing
  • Professional training services:
    • Skilled professionals are available to provide training in measurement technology and verification
    • Courses are developed with test and design engineers in mind
    • Programs can be adapted to meet the needs of production personnel or technicians

Overview of GTT professional consultancy services and areas of specialization serviced by senior engineers

GTT offers a range of consultancy services within all areas of test regarding electronics and RF, including, and not limited to:

  • Stability or other Technical Investigations
  • Testability analysis
  • Test Strategy and Test System Design consultation
  • Test Coverage optimization
  • Storage and analysis of Test Data
  • Measurement Uncertainty
  • High Level Software
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Test Hardware Development
  • Test System Integration
  • Process Improvements
  • Training within test and measurement
  • Product Quality Improvements
  • Test flows with associated software systems
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Test Method Development
  • Electronics Design
  • FPGA Design
  • Test Coverage Analysis
  • Boundary Scan
  • And more...

Focus on innovation

Though continual innovation, optimization and recycling equipment, we provide cost-savings for our customers.

Shorter development time due to reuse

Modularized design for scalability and longer lifespan

Standardized platforms and multipurpose frameworks

Time efficiency regarding production test; faster algorithms and optimized test strategies

Multitasking; one system supporting parallel testing

Better feedback to design by capturing true module/component characteristics

Swedish innovation in prime position to provide business benefits for customer operations around the globe

With world-class development based primarily at our headquarters located in the heart of the tech valley of Gävle, Sweden, The GTT aims to provide best-in-class test solutions at a low total cost of ownership for our customers. Serving major customers on three continents and access to Bluetest’s global sales and support network, GTT is well equipped to serve globally deployed customer projects.

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GTT Headquartes: We are located in Uppfinnaren at Teknikparken in Gävle, close to E4 and the University of Gävle.