A Responsive Test Partner

We are more than shiny box makers. Bluetest provides a complete suite of service and support solutions.

First and foremost, ask us! You can expect us to answer. Even though we are a small team with interesting projects. Our favorite engineering challenges are the ones you bring us. We enjoy working together to make your engineering, manufacturing and product development the best it can be with test system upgrades, measurement improvements and ever increasing, speed, accuracy and convenience.

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System Upgrades

The rapid evolution of new communication standards requires a flexible, modular and upgradable system. Our upgrade products are designed to fit your current equipment and your future need.

Full system upgrades

Full System Upgrades

Transform your system to the latest generation today! Enable higher port counts, and more test applications with Bluetest chamber upgrades.

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Software upgrades

Software Upgrades

Bluetest software upgrade products allow you to transition your current Bluetest Measurement Software to the latest Bluetest Flow Software Platform.

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Support Solutions

For software, hardware, on-site system engineering and collaborative development, we are set up to help you train, maintain, upgrade and certify your Bluetest system.

Hardware support

Hardware Support Plans

Bluetest Hardware Support Plans allow you to extend your warranty and gain access to hardware updates as they are released from our factory.

Software support

Software Support Plans

Better software, on time. Extend your software warranty and gain access to the ongoing stream of development in our latest system measurement platform.


Installation Services

For the many labs who want a full integration of a Bluetest system into their unique lab environment, we provide the appropriate installation, moving and verification solution.


Measurement Customization

We don't expect that your innovations and their test challenges can always be met by industry standard tests. Let our engineering team help provide the unique insights you need.

Channel model

Channel Model Validation

For certification and pre-certification testing, we can help you walk through your chamber and equipment set to confirm your RC test environment meets specification.


Training Solutions

From the basics of device testing, to the latest technical application of Bluetest reverberation chamber systems, we offer complete, personalized instruction to get your team up to speed.