OTA Test Technology Refined

Bluetest's RTS65 reverberation chamber is designed to optimize the time you spend on OTA measurements. Our development focus has been on increasing the productivity in your lab. We want your focus to be on your results, not the test equipment. We have developed a generation of RTS that is an integrated system which will give the user experience every engineer deserves.

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Bluetest Flow – the New Software Platform

The RTS65 comes with the powerful measurement and analysis software platform: Bluetest Flow.

This integrated test environment offers new levels of functionality for testing complex wireless solutions. At the same time it builds upon years of research and development expertise put into our previous software by re-using already well proven measurement methods and algorithms.

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Flow Manager basic

Flow Manager basic

Complete base station testing solution with the RBS Test Suite

The Bluetest RBS Test Suite is our comprehensive product range. It is built for utilizing the latest generation PXI RF instrumentation from National Instruments to make testing of Radio Base Stations and related RF products faster, cheaper and more efficient than ever before.

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Accessories - Putting it All Together

From absorber kits to cables, device holders to smart switching solutions, our experience solving real measurement problems with engineers all over the world has resulted in a collection of must have items to keep your chamber always ready to test.

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