Bluetest Flow

The measurement software for everyone.

Bluetest Flow - the powerful software platform

Bluetest Flow is the powerful software platform delivered together with RTS95, RTS85, RTS65, and RTS25. Bluetest Flow together with your RTS will not only give you the user experience every engineer deserves but also a tool to save measurement and data processing time in your lab. Focus on your results and let us make your way to them fast and uninterrupted. Start the Flow and keep going.

This integrated test environment offers new levels of functionality for testing complex wireless solutions. At the same time it builds upon years of research and development expertise put into our previous software by re-using already well proven measurement methods and algorithms.

Flow Manager

Flow Manager

Setup, configure and control your measurements

Flow Manager is designed for everyone. First time users will be guided through the measurement, power users can dig right into parameter tuning. You decide.

Flow Touch

Web interface for desktop, smartphones and tablets.

Be productive, even without your computer. The Flow Touch web interface can accessed from any web browser. The UI is responsive and will look great on any screen size.

Flow Touch

Flow Analyzer

Flow Analyzer

Browse, view and analyze your results

Flow Analyzer does the hard work for you, organizing, plotting, processing and comparing. Less administration, more innovation.

Loaded with Features

The Flow software comes loaded with features.

Plug and play

Plug and Play

A library of predefined setups is included, just select your measurement specification and you are done.


Easy and advanced

A simplified UI for beginners, a powerful UI for advanced users. You decide how you want to work.


Visual measurement setup

Connect instruments and cables visually, same way as in your own lab.


Interactive tutorials

It is easy to get help, interactive step by step guides are embedded right into the software.


Remote control

The Flow Manager controls the chamber remotely. Connect to you chamber from the lab, the office or even the park.


Intelligent parameters

The software is aware of ranges and dependencies of the instrument and measurement parameters.


Append metadata to results

Add tags or additional DUT information. Make it easy to find the measurement data you are looking for.


Batch measurements

Run all measurements in one go. You can mix your measurements as you want. Start the measurement and leave the system running.

Live result

View live results

View the result as the measurement is running. No post processing needed. You might not even need to finish the whole measurement.

Web UI

Web interface

Don't have your computer nearby? Use any device with a web browser to access the system. The interface is responsive so any screen size will work.

Airplane mode

Airplane mode

Need to work on the plane? Setup measurements, configure instrument and process results can all be done offline.

Building blocks

Powerful building blocks

Build complex measurements from simple building blocks. Change instrument parameters from inside the measurement sequence. Create nested loops. Combine different measurement types in one sequence.

Result Handling and Analysis

Everything you need is built in. No need for external tools.


Integrated result database

Easy and powerful search, import and export to file. Best of both worlds.


Import legacy files

Keep all results in one place. Including all results measured with your previous Bluetest systems.


Combine results

Collect data from different measurement campaigns. Make comparison plots.


Customize plots

Everything can be adjusted. The only limit is your imagination.


Build reports

Select data and export to common file formats.

Chalk board

Data processing

A full-fledged scientific computing environment is included. Just go nuts.

Security and Integrity

We have understood that protection of prototypes, data, results etc. is of great importance among our customers.

Access key

User login

Keep your measurements and results private. Create individual accounts or shared accounts, it is up to you.


Encrypted communication

All communication with the system is encrypted using industry standard SSL encryption. No one can eavesdrop on your measurements.


Digitally signed results

All results are digitally signed and the signature is embedded in the result. This makes it easy to verify origin and date, but also detect if someone has tampered with the results.


Backup system

The integrated backup functionality will keep your data safe.

Wireless Standards

Whether you need support for WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE or the latest 5G standards, we cover the whole range of wireless communication.

Flow Manager supports the most common communication testers and vector network analyzers for active and passive measurements. The options and combinations of standards and protocols will not limit you to get the customized system configuration you need today. Our support and service solutions provide an upgrade path for both hardware and software platforms to ensure that the capabilities of your RTS65 stay ahead of tomorrow’s wireless technologies.