Bluetest RTS95B

Perfect for your large devices


Improve the Wireless of Large Form Factor devices

The spacious RTS95B lets you measure larger form factor test objects such as television screens, smart home appliances, large M2M devices, small base stations, or automotive subsystems. The optional 1.2 m or 1.5 m heavy duty turntable can handle devices with a weight up to 150 kg which widens the range of devices that can be tested.

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The reverberation chamber is CTIA approved for large form factor devices

The reverberation chamber is included as the only measurement methodology for wireless large form factor devices in CTIA’s test plan for over-the-air (OTA) performance testing. All devices larger than notebook-size (one dimension larger than 42 cm) are defined as a large form factor device. This means that the RTS95B is the suitable reverberation chamber to fulfill CTIA test plan requirements.

Smart TV
Charging station for electric cars
Washing machine

Customer applications

We have several customers that are users of our large chambers. They find the measurement space available is incredibly useful for measurements of washing machines and large smart TVs. The fact that DUT positioning is not important gives our customers the flexibility to make measurements with a live person walking around inside the chamber either with a handheld device or with body worn antennas.

What Customers Say

Test your Wearables - Mounted on a Live Person

The measurement space in the RTS95 is 2 m x 2 m x 2 m which is perfect for measurements of wearable devices and antennas mounted on a live person or person dummy. It is very suitable for development and testing of body worn antennas so the engineer can see the impact of how different people handles the wireless device, how different bodies, and how the antenna is mounted on the body has an impact on the RF performance.


Low frequency

Lower Frequencies - testing down to 400 MHz

Thanks to its physical dimensions, RTS95 allows for accurate measurements on frequencies down to 400 MHz. Antenna applications like terrestrial TV, for military/security/emergency communication, or 450 MHz cellular systems are excellent to measure in the RTS95.