Myriad Applications

Here at Bluetest, the reverberation chamber is more than a test box. It is a core set of technologies for which we continually find new applications - almost as fast as our users do!

As a statistical sampling platform, our systems inherently distill core insights from complex scenarios. Often, the more complex the interactions, the more useful engineers find the reverberation chamber. Today, wireless devices, their components and networks come together to provide one of the most complex, yet productive systems around. Reverberation Chambers, when paired with Bluetest innovations, regularly cut through the chaos and allow engineers and technicians to evaluate and solve problems quickly. Check-out just a few of the many applications we deliver on below:

Software upgrades

LTE-Advanced and Carrier Aggregation

Bluetest solutions provide insight into the data handling capacity of LTE devices and verify that the 4G capabilities such as MIMO and carrier aggregation are delivering on the promise of high performance wireless.

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Chamber upgrades

Smartphone Insights

With more features in less space than ever before, today's smartphones merge more radio capability with sophisticated interfaces in demanding form factors.

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Preparing for 5G

As wireless systems and devices leap towards the next generation of connectivity, Bluetest provides the test environment to test your next generation innovations.

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Automotive Solutions

Bluetest systems can accommodate the unique form-factors and system complexity of todays automotive designers as wireless systems become inseparable from vehicle functionality.

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Device Prototyping

Reverberation chambers inherently simplify OTA tests, but Bluetest systems go further and provide flexible, automated solutions that are accessible to everyone on the innovation team.

Network certification

Network Certification

The power of ubiquitous data networks is rapidly expanding the number and type of devices demanded. Bluetest chambers help to quickly certify devices of all shapes and sizes.


Testing Wearable Devices

In reverberation chambers, movement is a natural part of the process, not a repeatability challenge. This means Bluetest systems provide a natural test environment for testing complex physical interactions.


Passive and Active Antennas

Bluetest reverberation chambers provide fast and intuitive insights into antenna performance. Perfect for designers faced with challenging performance requirement, complex element solutions and unique physical constraints.

Application Articles

Base station testing - new test challenges with the introduction of 5G

Traditionally base stations have been verified by measuring their performance conductively at the antenna interface. With 5G, we enter a new and exciting era for base station design. Base stations and Remote Radio Units (RRU) are moving towards more integrated antenna/radio solutions, as well as Massive MIMO with 64 or more radio/antenna elements. These Advanced Antenna System technologies are applied also on LTE base stations to improve network capacity as well as reduce power consumption. However, this new breed of base stations will introduce new measurement challenges as these new design considerations change or eliminate the traditional antenna connector interface. Without access to these connectors, the test equipment must measure base station performance after the antenna output in a radiated, wireless over-the-air (OTA) environment.

IoT and M2M communication

Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine or M2M communication is an application area quickly growing in importance both in the professional and domestic market. The professional segment includes different kinds of wireless metering, wireless diagnostics and supervision, while the domestic market focuses on smart home appliances. Together they include devices with a wide range of sizes and shapes increasing the need for flexible test solutions capable of testing small as well as larger wireless devices.

Automotive Measurements

As the variety of wireless devices and wireless connections in a car increases, there is a corresponding increase in the need for testing to ensure good functionality and performance. Automotive engineers are finding that Bluetest reverberation test systems are often the most convenient solution for understanding the effects of wireless devices in, around and embedded in vehicles.

WLAN Over-the-Air Testing

Although WLAN has been around for many years it has during the last couple of years grown rapidly in importance, driven mainly by the introduction of WLAN into mobile devices and operators offloading data from their cellular networks. Another force contributing to the strong growth is the trend to have “everything” connected, for example home appliances as well as different types of metering and sensors.

LTE and LTE-Advanced with Carrier Aggregation

We are in the forefront of providing measurement solutions for the newest communication systems. We don’t let you wait for measurement solutions supporting technologies that is introduced now. A proof of that is our introduction of MIMO functionality already in 2009 and support for 2 component carrier aggregation (2CC) in 2013. Our system today supports all currently released configurations including up to six downlink or four 4x4 MIMO carriers (TDD, FDD or a mix) as well as two uplink carriers. You can measure the aggregated data throughput as well as throughput per carrier or receiver sensitivity and transmitter power per carrier.

The Impact of Mobile Phone Covers

It is common nowadays to add a cover to your mobile phone, both for protection and esthetical reasons. They are available in many different stores including the mobile operator branded stores. The material and form varies considerably from one cover to another. You can get everything from plastic and rubber covers to silicon or metal. Of course the different materials have pros and cons. Some are more protective, even against the delivery of data. The question that follows is; how does a cover affect the performance of the antenna?

Bridging the Gap

For the last couple of decades, reverberation technology was solely used as a tool for engineers specializing in electromagnetic compliance (EMC) testing. Bluetest innovations have transformed this technology into a powerful solution tuned to the needs of current wireless developers. They are the next generation of over-the-air (OTA) test systems that bridge the testing gap between conducted and drive test methods.

Diversity and MIMO Measurements

A reverberation chamber is ideally suited for testing antennas for multi-antenna technologies such as diversity and MIMO. Bluetest Flow for diversity and MIMO measurements are well-proven and will give you instant feedback of the performance of the antenna array after the measurement is finished - no waiting time needed! In combination with the extreme measurement speed, the user will have the antenna performance in a single minute only.

Antenna Efficiency

Antenna efficiency goes under the category of Bluetest passive measurements in the reverberation chamber. An important parameter for all different types of antennas is radiation efficiency and is a basic parameter for all antenna designs. In fact, it is the dominating factor for antenna performance in multipath environments.