WLAN Over-the-Air Testing

Although WLAN has been around for many years it has during the last couple of years grown rapidly in importance, driven mainly by the introduction of WLAN into mobile devices and operators offloading data from their cellular networks. Another force contributing to the strong growth is the trend to have “everything” connected, for example home appliances as well as different types of metering and sensors.


Ensure the real world WLAN performance

Bluetest provides a complete solution for verifying the wireless performance of WLAN devices. Both access points and stations (clients) can be tested in a repeatable and accurate 3D multipath over-the-air test environment, providing test conditions that ensure good radio performance in the real environment. Focus is on data throughput measurements at different received signal strengths. It is also possible to study the interaction of WLAN with other communication standards such as LTE and Bluetooth. Ensure your device performance in the real world by testing it in the RTS environment. Doesn't matter if it's a refrigerator, a phone, or a smart meter.

WLAN and the TRU1 WLAN Reference Unit

Our TRU1 WLAN Reference Unit in combination with ISS11 Attenuator System and RTS25, RTS65, RTS85 or RTS95 creates a complete system for radio and antenna performance evaluation of WLAN equipment. Our Flow server contains a built-in data traffic generator capable of generating high speeds of UDP or TCP-IP traffic enabling data throughput vs path loss measurements on any of the 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards. It is also possible to use the ISS11 Attenuator System with any WLAN access point or station enabling compatibility testing with different chipsets or manufacturers of WLAN equipment.