Bluetest RTS25

For WLAN, Bluetooth and IoT measurements


RTS25 - a Scaled-Down Test System

The RTS25 is the smallest member of the RTS-family and it has been optimized for measurements of WLAN, Bluetooth and IoT devices. RTS25 lets you verify wireless devices in a shielded, repeatable and accurate multipath environment. We are aware of the challenges you as an engineer are struggling with when it comes to finding a repeatable environment for OTA measurements. We have a solution now that makes your wireless even better. Our ultimate goal is to provide relevant input for design optimization and comparison between design solutions.

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Optimized for WLAN, Bluetooth and IoT measurements

RTS25 is a reverberation chamber dedicated to OTA measurements in the 2.4 and 5 GHz ISM bands. Optimizing for these frequency bands makes testing convenient for WLAN, Bluetooth, and other IoT applications that operate on these frequencies.

Despite the small size, the test zone in the RTS25 accommodates wireless devices within 40x30x30 cm. We have optimized the measurement space in the chamber so that as many DUTs as possible can be tested. The RTS25 offers developers of small devices like access points, laptops, speakers, medical aids, and smart home solutions, an excellent tool to test your wireless performance.

Internet of Things IoT

What can I do with RTS25?

You can perform essential OTA measurements with RTS25. Each of these common measurements provides insight into the major system functions of your wireless device. Thanks to the inherent multipath environment in RTS25, your results will be repeatable and simulate a wide range of usage conditions, including conditions that enable complex MIMO and diversity features of your designs.

TRP - how good is your transmitter design?

Total Radiated Power, TRP, measurements will identify how good your transmitter and antenna design is. A TRP measurement takes around 1 minute per channel to do in the RTS25.

TIS - how is your receiver performing?

Total Isotropic Sensitivity, TIS, is a measurement that characterizes your receiver and antenna design. By sending a signal to your device, while lowering the power, you will see at which point your receiver loses the signal. A good receiver design performs well at low signal power levels.

Data throughput - how much throughput can you attain?

Data throughput is quickly becoming the most common measurement for high performance devices today. Designers need to verify that they can maintain high data rates under all the conditions that the device is designed for. Throughput measurements in RTS25 characterize the data rate versus signal power showing when the device drops in throughput, or worse, disconnects.

Perfect for MIMO measurements

MIMO technology requires a multipath environment to be able to work. The reverberation chamber enables a multipath environment thanks to the reflective environment inside the chamber. You do not need to add any expensive extra equipment to simulate the multipath environment. You have this in the chamber by default.


The RTS25 comes with up to 4x4 MIMO functionality as standard. You are up and running with your MIMO measurements immediately, just as fast and easy as your SISO measurements. RTS25 is the perfect test system for your WLAN 802.11ac measurements for example. An access point, a client and the RTS25 is all you need to get MIMO up and running.

Interference testing

Another useful measurement you can do with the active multi-antennas is the interference measurement, or co-existence test. Test how good your WLAN performs when you have a Bluetooth interferer. Or how good your Bluetooth performance is when you have another Bluetooth interferer. With the 8 multi-antenna option, you can upgrade your chamber and measure up to 8 streams in the chamber.

Access point MIMO

Complete OTA WLAN test solution

Bluetest can offer a WLAN solution for OTA throughput measurements that supports the 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards. In addition to your reverberation chamber (RTS25/RTS65/RTS95) you can add the ISS11 Attenuator and TRU1 WLAN Reference Unit to your test setup and you now have a complete solution for your WLAN OTA IP and "app-less" throughput measurements.

ISS11 Attenuator

ISS11 Attenuator System

The ISS11 Attenuator is used with an external access point or device and controls the path loss in the measurement. It can support all the WLAN 802.11 standards up to 4x4 MIMO, the limitation would be in the access point used for the measurement. ISS11 is flexible and even support other applications like 802.11p and some IoT standards. The ISS11 Attenuator contains insertion loss calibration information for accurate measurements on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

TRU1 WLAN Reference Radio

The TRU1 WLAN Reference Unit is a dual band WLAN reference radio that can be set to both access point mode and WLAN client (station) mode. It enables data throughput measurements in both uplink and downlink direction. The WLAN radio supports 802.11ac Wave 2 with 4x4 MIMO as well as all the legacy WLAN standards (802.11a/b/g/n).

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TRU1 WLAN Reference Radio

System configuration example for device testing

Compact OTA Test System

RTS25 is the smallest reverberation chamber in the RTS-family. We have designed RTS25 to minimize the footprint, without sacrificing the performance. With its external dimensions of 800 x 1472 x 1384 mm, the system can be placed in an office environment or existing labs without any larger changes to the room. The small dimensions allows the chamber to fit through most doorways and there is no need for any installation work or changes in your building.

The chamber comes fully assembled and can easily be placed anywhere in your lab or right next to your desk. RTS25 comes with an external touchscreen with Flow Touch for easy monitoring and controlling of your measurements. Place the touch screen wherever it is suitable for your daily work and have Flow touch available when you need it.

Compact OTA test system

Bluetest Flow

Controlled by Bluetest Flow software platform

The RTS25 is designed to run on Bluetest Flow software platform. Flow is the measurement and analysis software with functionality for testing complex wireless solutions easily. Flow makes your OTA measurements flexible and powerful. It has been developed with well proven algorithms and methods and gives you an integrated tool to run OTA measurements you have never seen before.

The Flow platform consists of three main parts:

  • Flow Manager
  • Flow Touch
  • Flow Analyzer

Technical Specifications
Model name RTS25
Frequency ranges 2.4-2.5 GHz
5.0-6.0 GHz
Shielding 90 dB
Power consumption RTS25
Power consumption RTSc
Typical 25 W
Typical 40-70 W
Chamber weight 240 kg (529.1 lb) (depending on installed options)
Chamber external dimensions Width: 800 mm (31.5")
Height: 1472 mm (57.95")
Depth: 1387 mm (54.6")
Max DUT size Width: 0.4 m (15.75")
Height: 0.3 m (11.81")
Depth: 0.3 m (11.81")
Max DUT weight 12 kg (26.45 lb)
Delivery format Fully mounted
Accuracy TRP & TIS 0.5 dB (STD)
when chamber loaded to 50ns delay spread
Repeatability 0.1 dB (STD)
Multiple antenna support 4 active antenna ports (default)
8 active antenna ports (option)
System control RTSc and Bluetest Flow software platform

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