Automotive Measurements

As the variety of wireless devices and wireless connections in a car increases, there is a corresponding increase in the need for testing to ensure good functionality and performance. Automotive engineers are finding that Bluetest reverberation test systems are often the most convenient solution for understanding the effects of wireless devices in, around and embedded in vehicles.

Complex system testing in vehicles

Reverberation chambers easily allow wireless over-the-air (OTA) measurements of unusual device form factors. A wireless device embedded in a dashboard, for example, is considerably affected by the materials around it. The plastics, metals and other electronics can interact with the antenna system and change transmission, reception and data throughput performance. Changes to the design can quickly be tested in a Bluetest reverberation chamber and the inherent multipath environment of the chamber provides good correlation with the real in-car environment.

Evaluation of external "shark fin" antenna efficiency, MIMO performance and impact of radome materials and surface coating are evaluated by placing the antenna on a ground plane emulating the car roof. These measurements can be performed in less than one minute enabling the designer to test more solution alternatives.



Evaluate co-existence and avoid interference

One area of increasing concern is the interaction between multiple wireless systems in a small confined space. Bluetest OTA measurement systems can aid in reducing potential problems at an early stage in the design process. It is very easy to set up multiple connections on different communication standards for multiple devices in the test system at the same time to evaluate device interaction and interference avoidance. All common communication standards such as LTE, WLAN and Bluetooth are supported.

Faster design process with the RTS

By providing fast insights into device performance under challenging wireless conditions, Bluetest's measurement solutions accelerate the design process and reduce the need for late and expensive real life road tests. The RTS65 and RTS95 are excellent measurement systems to use when you want to validate your wireless solution in a vehicle.