A comprehensive suite for base station testing

The Bluetest RBS Test Suite is our comprehensive product range. It's built for utilizing the latest generation PXI RF instrumentation from National Instruments to make testing of Radio Base Stations and related RF products faster, cheaper and more efficient than ever before.


Flexibility and Configurability

All toolkits include:

High level Labview API for quick integration and automated testing in your environment.

Fully configurable, ready to run examples for quick hookup to your product.

Easy to use soft front panels for lab environments, fully configurable.

Playback function to test with your recorded signals.

All toolkits are based on National Instruments PXI. Together the system makes for:

Small footprint

Reuse and unique flexibility

  • Reuse hardware to test completely different products
  • Open FPGA for custom instrument features
  • PC-Software analysis ideal for flexibility and upgrades and updates.

Small price with full performance

Modular design

  • Replace only obsolete parts when upgrading
  • Send only relevant parts to repair or calibration
  • Add software to add standards or even test of something else.

Standard stand-alone products

All Standard Signal Analysis Toolkits ships with all common measurements for production testing of RBS according to 3GPP: Transmitter Output Power, EVM, ACLR, Frequency Error, PVT, SEM, Uplink Signal Generation, … Custom models and models for other markets available on request. Capable of testing repeaters including TDD versions.


Bluetest 5G NR DL Analysis Toolkit

Signal Analysis Toolkit for 5G is here. Demo release available shortly.

Bluetest 5G NR DL BER/BLER Toolkit

Full demodulation and decoding of DL-signals. Verify the complete TX-chain including baseband.

Bluetest LTE RBS Toolkit

Signal Analysis Toolkit for LTE signals including FDD and TDD. Includes features for aggregated signals, repeater applications, remote radio units and more.

Bluetest WCDMA -GSM RBS Toolkit

Signal Analysis Toolkit of WCDMA and GSM/EDGE in one package.

Bluetest NB IoT Standalone toolkit

Signal Analysis Toolkit for Stand Alone Narrow Band IoT (SA NB-IoT) and Guardband NB-IoT. For Inband NB-IoT se Add-ons.


Standard Add-ons

Our add-ons allow incorporating additional state-of-the-art precision and capability into our existing toolkits and products.

Add-ons available for the LTE Toolkit

Bluetest LTE RRU Add-on – CPRI based toolkit capable of analysis of DL and UL.

Bluetest LTE DL Inband-IoT Add-on – Analyse NB IoT embedded in LTE signals.

LTE BER/BLER Add-on – Full demodulation and decoding of DL-signals.


Bluetest NB IoT SA BER/BLER Add-on - Full demodulation and decoding of DL-signals.

Special products

Our special products are available on request.

Special products

Bluetest CDMA 2K RBS Toolkit

Stand alone Toolkit for analysis of CDMA 2000 signals.

Bluetest PIM Toolkit

Our toolkit for PIM measurements Includes Distance to PIM and uses innovative technology to reduce HW cost with full performance. Measures down to -150 dBm @ 2x43 dBm tone Power.

Additional resources


Watch our contribution to the keynote during NI-week 2014, where we talk about small-cell testing.

Watch our product demonstrations by following the links below:
PIM test demo
RBS toolkit demo

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