This is Bluetest

Bluetest AB is a Gothenburg based company, with global presence, that develops state of the art test systems to verify performance of wireless devices. We are world leading in what we do and innovation is one of the fundamental keys in our business. We are working closely with our customers, among them the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world, and we follow the telecommunication industry carefully. Together we work towards the most reliable and trustworthy Over-the-Air (OTA) test solution on the market. We have installed over 300 OTA reverberation test systems worldwide over the past 18 years.

We believe that the deep technical competence of our employees, combined with a culture of openness, participation and responsiveness can help our engineering customers deal with an explosion of wireless complexity with simple, trustworthy, test systems. Our market is global, so although we are small, we are an international team structured for world-wide customer engagement as well as building bridges with academia, standards organizations and research institutions. As we expand the applications of our technology, we are building a long-term organization with a rewarding environment for employees who are collaborating on creative solutions and delivering consistent profitability.

This is Gefle Testteknik

Gefle Testteknik AB, or GTT for short, is a Swedish-based test house founded in 2010 and is now a cutting edge test technology provider for customers including some of the biggest players on the mobile infrastructure market. We empower our customers with technology and integration support to make test design simple, while keeping test systems efficient. We also offer services to help our customers with more customized test solutions in the mobile infrastructure segment and in production of advanced electronics.

We reach the top thanks to our strong core values

Customer Focus

Customer Focus

We put our customers first and always develop our products with the end user in mind.



All employees are encouraged to contribute with new ideas and innovations. This leads to personal growth and a creative workplace.

Team Work

Team Work

We are having a team to which every member is contributing. Good and straightforward communication is one quality every Bluetester possess.



High competence among our co-workers, honesty, high quality, and the many years in the business are all factors to the trust we have built up with our partners and customers.

We are always looking for talent

One of the things that make Bluetest so great is that we get to work with the best. If you would like to know more, or if you are interested in our career opportunities, make sure to take a look at our open positions.

Bluetest is actively working in the leading standardization organizations.


Even though we are a young company, we have created a history that is extraordinary.


Bluetest AB is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of your data.