Bluetest signs distribution agreement for Taiwan and China with QuieTek

Taiwan has many of the world leading companies developing and manufacturing wireless devices with small antennas. “Bluetest is very happy to add QuieTek, which is a well known Taiwanese EMC and wireless certification lab with a large customer base in Taiwan and China, to its list of Asian distributors” says Mats Andersson, CEO of Bluetest AB.

“For the last years there has been an increasing demand from many of our customers in both Taiwan and China for a small, fast and cost effective test chamber for wireless devices with small antennas. With the products from Bluetest we will be able to address this pent-up demand. That Bluetest in addition is the only commercially available test chamber for direct diversity and MIMO tests is an added bonus of particular importance for Taiwan that has about 90 % of the WLAN market” says Gene Chang, General Manager, QuieTek.

The Bluetest products will be introduced in Taiwan and China at three WiMAX seminars arranged by QuieTek. The first seminar will take place in Taipei the 9th of January, and the second and third in the ShenZhen and SuZhou provinces in China the 16th and 18th of January. Mats Andersson will attend the seminar in Taipei and there give a talk entitled “Bluetest Reverberation Chambers - A Paradigm Shift in Measuring Wireless Devices with Small Antennas Resulting in up to 100 Times Faster Diversity and MIMO Characterization”.