Bluetest presentation at iWAT 2008

At the 2008 International Workshop on Antenna Technology iWAT in Chiba, Japan, Bluetest´s CEO Mats Andersson presented the invited paper "Three Fast Ways of Measuring Receiver Sensitivity in a Reverberation Chamber" by Mats Andersson, Charlie Orlenius, and Per-Simon Kildal.

The traditional way of evaluating receiver sensitivity is to measure the Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS) in an anechoic environment. However, very few wireless terminals with small antennas are used in an anechoic environment. The iWAT paper describes how to measure TIS, AFS and relative reciever sensitivity in the Bluetest chambers. TIS can be measured in about 10 minutes in the reverberation chamber which is much faster than measurements in anechoic chambers. The fastest method is the relative reciever sensitivity which can be measured in one minute in the Bluetest High Performance chamber.