Live TRP and TIS tests in the Bluetest HP chamber at ISAP 2008

During the ISAP 2008 conference, Bluetest's Taiwanese distributor QuieTek created a lot of interest by showing very fast live TRP and TIS tests in the Bluetest High Performance reverberation chamber. Many of the visitors to the exhibition expressed their appreciation of seeing TRP of mobile phones measured in only one minute per channel.

David Cheng who is responsible for the Sales of the Bluetest chamber in Taiwan and China says "-This is a completely new technology for most Taiwanese companies and the interest in the technology is very big. At QuieTek we have made extensive benchmarking between our own CTIA approved anechoic chamber and the Bluetest HP chamber and found the agreement for TRP and TIS very good". A paper on "Comparison of Measurement Accuracy and Time of TRP and TIS in Reverberation and Anechoic Chambers" written by QuieTek and Bluetest, was presented by QuieTek's Kevin Chen on Wednesday 29 October.