MSI orders Bluetest chamber no. 33

Bluetest´s Taiwanese distributor QuieTek has recieved an order for a Bluetest High Performance (HP) chamber from Micro-Star International (MSI) in Taiwan. David Cheng, Sales Manager at QuieTek says "- QuieTek and Bluetest are very happy that MSI selected the Bluetest HP chamber instead of a test chamber using anechoic chamber technology. One of the key reasons is the possibility of very fast measurements of wireless devices with a size of up to 0.8 m in the relatively small Bluetest HP chamber".

The Bluetest chambers are the only commercially available reverberation chambers with software for measuring antenna efficiency, TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity), TRP (Total Radiated Power), antenna diversity gain and MIMO capacity of wireless devices with small antennas, e.g. mobile phones, laptops, USB modems, Bluetooth devices, etc. Antenna efficiency, TRP/channel, antenna diversity gain and MIMO capacity can be measured in only one minute. TIS for GSM and WCDMA in about 10 minutes/channel.

Bluetest has among its customers 8 of the world's large mobile phone manufacturers, many developers of small antennas/laptops/wireless modules, 2 of the world´s largest operators, 5 universities, 2 test institutes, and some other wireless companies. The customers can be found in Asia, Europe, North and South America.