Free Bluetest workshop at EuCAP 2009, Tuesday 24 March

The Bluetest reverberation chamber technology is used to measure the total RF performance of wireless devices with small antennas. In the past two years the sales of Bluetest products have accelerated and in a few years we believe most companies working with products using small antennas will use this technology. This workshop will explain why reverberation chambers are to be preferred to anechoic chambers. It will give detailed information of how antenna diversity gain and MIMO capacity, both of which are key technologies for new (e.g. HSPA, 802.11n) and future (WiMAX, LTE) wireless broadband systems, can be tested in minutes with high repeatability.

The workshop will also describe how traditional parameters like antenna efficiency, TRP and TIS measurements can be measured with high accuracy in a very small and cost effective test chamber and give comparison to measurements of the same wireless devices in large CTIA approved anechoic chambers.

For info on attending the free workshop, see the conference website.

You are also very welcome to visit Bluetest's booth #13 at the EuCAP 2009 exhibition.