Bluetest signs distribution agreement with GIGACOMP for Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

"GIGACOMP is one of the leading RF specialists in Central Europe and we are very happy to add GIGACOMP as a Bluetest distributor for Germany, Switzerland, and Austria" says Mats Andersson, CEO of Bluetest AB.

"The revolutionary Bluetest technology will give our customers a significant cost and time to market advantage. The performance of wireless devices with small single and/or multiple (MIMO and/or diversity) antennas can be evaluated in minutes in a very compact, cost effective, and easy to use system." says Dr. Bernd Fleischmann, Managing Director of GIGACOMP GmbH.

The Bluetest reverberation chamber technology is used to measure the total RF performance of cell phones and other wireless devices. In the past two years the sales of the Bluetest products have accelerated and in a few years we believe most companies working with products using small antennas will use this technology. The capabilities offered by the Bluetest technology include extremely fast measurements of total radiated power (TRP) and total isotropic sensitivity (TIS). Additionally, the Bluetest chambers are the only commercially available test chambers that allow direct very fast passive and active testing of antenna diversity gain and MIMO capacity, both of which are key technologies for new (e.g. HSPA, 802.11n) and future (WiMAX, LTE) wireless broadband systems. To support the sales and aftersales worldwide Bluetest has since 2007 signed distribution agreements for Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, ASEAN, North America, Italy, United Kingdom, India and now also for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. For the rest of the world Bluetest handles the sales and aftersales.