Two Bluetest HP chamber orders from Japan

Bluetest has recieved two orders for Bluetest HP chambers in June from our Japanese distributor TOYO. These are our sixth and seventh orders from Japan in little over a year. The Japanese market is usually difficult to break into unless you have a product and distributor of high quality. Seven orders of a product using a new technology, in little over a year, is solid proof that Bluetest has both.

Bluetest's last fiscal year resulted in a new sales record and the sales for this fiscal year has started better than last year. In a few years we believe most companies developing/evaluating wireless products with small antennas will use Bluetest´s measurement technology for characterizing their performance, since it is: 1) easy to use, 2) very fast, 3) compact, and 4) cost effective, compared to existing test technologies. In addition, it is the only test technology that can evaluate the performance in a realistic environment with fading, and this unique property enables direct tests of advanced smart antenna functions such as antenna diversity gain and MIMO.