Bluetest - Gold Sponsor at iWAT 2010

Bluetest is the Gold Sponsor of the 2010 International Workshop on Antenna Technology iWAT in Lisbon, Portugal, March 1 - 3, Bluetest's founder Prof. Per-Simon Kildal will give a keynote presentation on "OTA measurements of wireless stations in reverberation chamber (RC) versus anechoic chamber (AC): from accuracy models to testing of MIMO systems". Bluetest will give a presentation on "Active Throughput Measurements for Complete MIMO WLAN Systems using Dual Reverberation Chamber Technique".

Please visit us at the Bluetest booth at iWAT 2010 and learn more about how you can significantly increase your OTA (Over-The-Air) SISO, MISO, SIMO and MIMO test capacity while at the same time reduce your costs.