Kjell Olovsson Appointed CEO of Bluetest

Kjell Olovsson who joined Bluetest as Vice President for sales and business development in September 2009 is today appointed CEO of Bluetest.

Kjell was born in Stockholm, Sweden, 1968 and started his career as an engineer at Ericsson. Previously he worked for Wireless Telecom Group (Boonton, NoiseCom, Willtek) as the world wide director for business development, located in Munich, Germany. He has a very long international experience in the testing field of wireless mobile devices, including all of the cellular technologies used today. Within the Wireless Telecom Group he has held a number of various management positions in business development and sales. As the Asian sales director he built up the business for the group in the region and was the key player in the introduction of test equipment for the TD-SCDMA standard in China.

Mats Andersson, who has been the CEO of Bluetest since September 2006 will join Kildal Antenn AB as a Business Consultant from September 2011. In Kildal Antenn AB, the company owned by Bluetest’s founder Prof. Per-Simon Kildal, Mats will continue to work with marketing, sales and business development for Bluetest but also with Prof. Kildal’s other companies Gapwaves AB and Elevenantenna AB to promote their sales and growth.