Bluetest releases new WLAN IP TPUT tester!

Bluetest is now launching the new WLAN IP throughput tester TTS11 (Throughput Test System 11), an instrument for IP throughput testing for the WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n standards. To measure the throughput versus received power level is the best way to characterize a WLAN device on the IP level. The TTS11 is an excellent tool to fast and accurately distinguish between a god and bad transceiver designs.

TTS11 is fully integrated with the Bluetest RTS software. Over-the-Air testing of WLAN devices is easy with the Bluetest TTS11 and the Bluetest RTS60. TTS11 as well as the RTS60 have support for MIMO measurements. It is also fully possible to use the TTS11 as a stand-alone instrument for conductive measurements.

For more information about the TTS11 click here or contact the sales representative in your region.