Bluetest and Rohde & Schwarz to provide fast and stable LTE CA OTA measurement solution

Göteborg, December 3rd, 2015 – Bluetest and Rohde & Schwarz have expanded their combined Over-the-Air (OTA) test solution to include 4CC downlink measurements. The solution consists of the R&S CMWflexx solution from Rohde & Schwarz in combination with Bluetest’s reverberation chambers RTS65/RTS95 and measurement software Bluetest Flow.

During the last two years the wireless industry has quickly expanded the LTE communication capability with LTE-Advanced by introducing LTE carrier aggregation: 2 downlink CC (component carriers) was introduced in 2013, 3 downlink CC in 2014 and 2 uplink CC this year. Bluetest and Rohde & Schwarz have continuously supported LTE-Advanced with their OTA test solution providing measurement capability matching the needs of the industry.

With Bluetest’s RTS it is quite easy to add carriers to the test set-up. Bluetest RTS is available with up to 8 measurement ports, hence supporting a R&S CMWflexx solution with 4 MIMO enabled carriers without any external combiners.

The R&S CMWflexx has been especially designed for testing LTE-A with a high number of component carriers. It is the latest addition to the R&S CMW500, the universal tester for testing the air interface of wireless devices. The instrument can be used in all phases of product development and production and supports all common cellular and non-cellular wireless technologies. Additional information is available at


Bluetest is the pioneer and market leader in reverberation chamber technology for over-the-air (OTA) testing of wireless devices and small antennas. Bluetest’s innovative RTS products has been adopted by the largest mobile phone manufacturers, network operators, antenna manufacturers and other providers of wireless solutions. For more information visit


The Rohde & Schwarz electronics group offers innovative solutions in the following business fields: test and measurement, broadcast and media, cybersecurity, secure communications, radiomonitoring and radiolocation. Founded more than 80 years ago, this independent company has an extensive sales and service network and is present in more than 70 countries. The electronics group is among the world market leaders in its established business fields. On June 30, 2015, Rohde & Schwarz had approximately 9900 employees. The group achieved a net revenue of EUR 1.83 billion in the 2014/2015 fiscal year (July to June). The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and also has strong regional hubs in Asia and the USA.

R&S ® is a registered trademark of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG


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