Bluetest RTS65

The 5th generation


Designed to Save Time

The RTS65 reverberation chamber is designed to optimize the time you spend on OTA measurements. Our development focus has been on increasing the productivity in your lab. We want your focus to be on your results, not the test equipment. We have developed a generation of RTS that is an integrated system which will give the user experience every engineer deserves. The latest addition to the RTS65 includes up to 16 measurement ports and support for 5G measurements including the 28 and 39 GHz mmWave bands.

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Bluetest Flow – the powerful Software Platform

The RTS65 comes with the measurement and analysis software platform: Bluetest Flow.

This integrated test environment offers new levels of functionality for testing complex wireless solutions. At the same time it builds upon years of research and development expertise put into our previous software by re-using already well proven measurement methods and algorithms.

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Flow Manager basic

Everything in One Box

All measurements are executed by the built-in measurement computer. There is no need to be concerned about incompatible computers or conflicting programs that cause time consuming troubleshooting.

Measurement configuration is done remotely with Bluetest Flow Manager installed on any regular office PC. It provides in-depth measurement configuration and setup while retaining direct chamber control. Bluetest Flow Touch web client is available on the built-in touch screen or any mobile device and allows you to start, stop and monitor measurements from anywhere. Cooperate with your colleagues by supervising and managing the measurement progress from different clients. How about starting your measurement remotely from your desk? Or even better, when you get back to the lab, your colleague is already analyzing the results.

Measurement algorithms

Measurement algorithms

The algorithms are carried over from our former platform to the new Flow platform. All measurements are executed on the built-in measurement computer.

Optimized hadware

Optimized hardware

The built-in measurement computer has been selected to handle all possible measurement with optimal performance.

Instrument drivers

Instrument drivers

No need to worry about 3rd party drivers and software. Everything is built right into the system.

Result handling

Result handling

The embedded measurement computer stores all result in an organized database.

Easy or Advanced – It is up to you

Flow Manager combined with Flow Touch give you all the functionality you need for your OTA measurements whether they are advanced or basic. Get started and productive fast with pre-defined setup settings according to specifications.

We implemented intelligent parameters so that ranges and dependencies are corrected automatically. In Flow Manager you visually setup the measurements by connecting the cables and instruments, just like you do it in reality to ensure you have the correct setup. We have developed an adaptive user interface which is simplified for a new on-board user. At the same time the Flow Manager user interface can be powerful for the advanced and experienced user. You can define advanced measurements and explore influence of different parameter settings. For example, you are able to build arbitrary measurement sequences and powerful measurement blocks. Organize your results by adding metadata to them in form of tags or additional DUT information.

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Multipath Environment

The RTS65 consists of a shielded reverberation chamber with reflecting walls. The device to be tested is placed on a turntable. The reflective walls in combination with moving reflectors (mode stirrers), and the turntable, create a Rayleigh faded rich isotropic multipath environment (RIMP) inside the chamber.

This environment is very well suited for antenna and radio performance evaluation of modern multi-antenna (MIMO) devices. Bluetest’s long experience in reverberation chamber technology development has resulted in a well proven, highly accurate and robust OTA test system.

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Multiple Antennas – Expanding Applications

Bluetest's RTS65 is the ideal choice for evaluating performance of MIMO devices. The multipath environment is enabled by default and you do not need to add expensive additional equipment when moving from SISO to realistic evaluation of MIMO devices. Apart from active 2x2, 4x4 and 8x8 MIMO measurements there are a number of applications that can be measured with the multi-antenna option.

Extending the Channel Model

With the multi-antenna option and a channel emulator you can evaluate more complex radio environments with Doppler shift, different delay profiles or MIMO channel correlation. We support the most popular brands of channel emulators on the market.

LTE Carrier Aggregation

LTE Carrier Aggregation is an example of measurements where the 8 measurement antennas come to good use. Our hardware supports all LTE-CA scenarios currently described in LTE Rel-10, 11, 12, and 13

Interference, Handover and De-sense

By feeding multiple MIMO RAT standards into the chamber simultaneously, interference, handover and de-sense performance are possible to evaluate. Get answer fast if the device has inter/intra device interference issues.

Passive Antenna Measurements

We offer several multi-antenna options with up to 8 passive antenna ports located in the turntable to support your specific need. Do measurements like MIMO-gain, diversity-gain, efficiency, correlation of multi-antenna systems and then optimize the device antenna position.

Test Device Interfacing for Power and Communication

We made it easy for you to supervise, control, and power up your device under test (DUT) during a measurement. All interfaces are easily accessed on the turntable. The communication interfaces use optical transport to remove risk for interference conductively leaking into the chamber.

Communication interfaces

  • USB2.0
  • USB3.0
  • Gb Ethernet
  • HDMI 1.3
  • Optical interface

Power supplies

  • AC Power
  • DC Power
  • USB Charger

Make your System Even Better

Chamber LED light

Light up your chamber with the RTS65 LED light option. It is a bright feature with a high-efficiency LED-light controlled via the door switch or the chamber camera.

Chamber camera

Monitor your DUT while running your measurements. The chamber camera option gives you a high resolution camera inside the chamber to monitor the DUT and its position. Chamber LED light is included in this option.

Easy to Use Touch Interface

A 19” high resolution touch screen integrated on the RTS65 running Flow Touch, provides easy system control as well as an interactive view into measurement progress. The user can get productive fast with only a short introduction.

Apart from the Start, Pause, Stop functions, you can see the measurement status clearly in the progress bar, you see the real-time results while the measurements are running and you are able to save your results to the integrated result database. Flow Touch also allows you to monitor the test device through the chamber camera. If you have any of the DUT communication interfaces, you can enable/disable them with Flow Touch. Another new feature in the touch interface is the chamber maintenance indicator that will let you know when it is time for maintenance of the system.

Flow Touch is a web interface and can be used on any mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet PC. This opens up for more flexibility and you can monitor your measurements outside the lab. If you are on the run or in your office you are able to see the progress of the measurements, start/stop/pause and use all the other features in Flow Touch on your mobile device.

Batch Measurements

This feature is a time saver for the engineer with a long list of mixed measurements. It is possible to run all of them in one go.

You can mix your measurements as you want. Combine measurement types, wireless standards and even instruments. Create a batch with TRP, TIS, and then TRP again with another communication tester.

Analysis and Comparison

The integrated result database and Bluetest Flow Analyzer let you view and compare results and enables easy and powerful search functions.

All your measurement results are stored in the integrated database. We made it easy to search for results. Searches can be on dates, device model, type of measurement, frequencies etc. You can combine results and make customized comparison plots with Flow Analyzer. Import and export to files and keep all your results in one place. Your legacy files can also be imported to Flow Analyzer and the result database so you can enjoy the new features of Flow.

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Your Privacy and Integrity

We have understood that protection of prototypes, data, results etc. is of great importance among our customers. Therefore, we made a secure user login to keep your measurements private.

We have implemented encrypted communication (SSL) between the Flow Client and the integrated computer. No one can eavesdrop your communication. It is important that you feel safe and secure when using our products.