Bluetest RTS85HP

Testing benchmark for high-power 5G base stations & remote radio units


5G introduces next generation of OTA testing – Bluetest leads the way

Developments within base stations, Remote Radio Units (RRU) and base station antennas is entering an exciting era with a move towards more integrated antenna/radio solutions, as well as Massive MIMO with 64 or more radio/antenna elements. This development increases the need for OTA testing and introduces new measurement challenges where Bluetest is providing the solutions.

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A comprehensive, cost-efficient and rapid measurement solution with substantial business benefits

Measuring output power, adjacent channel leakage or spurious emission on 64 individual antenna ports is not a sustainable practice and may in many cases not even be technically possible due to the close integration between the radios and antennas. With the elimination of the traditional antenna cable, measurements need to be adapted to Over-the-Air testing.

Whether in base station R&D, production or a cellular operator, Bluetest removes challenges in 5G base station testing. The innovative RTS85HP reverberation chamber technology makes it easy to move RF power measurements from the conducted domain to the OTA domain, while still retaining measurement times in the 10s-of-seconds-to-minute range.

Key features

RF metrics defined in global test specifications in just minutes, such as the calculation of TRP (Total Radiated Power).

Easy to expand future measurement capability

Measure base stations that generate power up to 200W

Fully customised, low maintenance, robust & cost-efficient solution for daily operations

Provides wide frequency range of 500 MHz to 43 GHz for testing - using only 2 different measurement antennas with the low frequency antenna covering frequencies to more than 12.75 GHz

Bluetest has developed the RTS85HP for world-leading base station manufacturers, placing an emphasis on safety, efficiency and performance to create a highly effective production testing solution. Bluetest technology also helps ensure operators that the products they deploy meet their operational criteria.

In addition, raw test data collected is automatically saved and stored on a server for review anytime, on-site or by remote log-in access. Enables generation of reports and graphs and added to a customised script for data analysis.

Easy to install

Easy to install and not sensitive to temperature and humidity

Easy to install

Practical chamber height creates viable solution for most indoor conditions

Comprehensive GUI

Comprehensive GUI including Flow Analyser and Flow Manager make it very easy to operate

Saves time

Saves considerable time compared with other testing methods. Test 5G base station properties on premises to evaluate performance quickly and efficiently

Bluetest & GTT: Complementary technologies for complete 5G measurement

Multipath environment

Bluetest and GTT have adapted their highly complementary technologies to provide best-in-class, comprehensive platform for 5G base station R&D and production test and measurement. The robust GTT RBS Toolkit is a perfect measurement companion for the RTS85HP OTA system.

GTTs RBS Tool Kit is built for utilizing the latest generation PXI RF instrumentation from National Instruments to make testing of Radio Base Stations and related RF products faster, cheaper and more efficient than ever before. GTT toolkits provide ultimate flexibility and configurability for base station operators: Small footprint, quick integration, hardware reuse, and, its modular design means replacing only obsolete parts when upgrading.

For a complete test set-up, the Bluetest RTS85HP chamber can be seamlessly connected with the GTT RBS toolkit. The combination creates a powerful tool for RBS OTA measurements in R&D as well as production environment.

For a chamber configuration more suitable for device measurements the regular RTS85 is recommended.