Diversity and MIMO Measurements

A reverberation chamber is ideally suited for testing antennas for multi-antenna technologies such as diversity and MIMO. Bluetest Flow for diversity and MIMO measurements are well-proven and will give you instant feedback of the performance of the antenna array after the measurement is finished - no waiting time needed! In combination with the extreme measurement speed, the user will have the antenna performance in a single minute only.

Measurement algorithms and calculations implemented in Bluetest Flow are developed in cooperation with world leading experts on small antennas, diversity, and MIMO. Bluetest is continuously improving the software to provide the most accurate and time-efficient measurements possible.

Bluetest Diversity measurement software module enables testing of the following parameters:

  • Diversity Gain (Effective, Apparent, Actual)
  • Branch Gain Imbalance
  • Correlation (Complex, Amplitude, Power)
  • Statistical Distribution of Received Power

Bluetest MIMO measurement software module enables testing of for instance the following parameters:

  • MIMO Capacity
  • MIMO Capacity Distribution
  • Branch Gain Imbalance
  • Branch Correlation