Bluetest introduces new reverberation chamber RTS25

Gothenburg, Sweden – November 2016 – Bluetest, the world leader in reverberation chamber technology for MIMO OTA measurements, is introducing the most compact member of the Reverberation Test System (RTS) family – the RTS25. The new RTS25 is optimized for measurements on the 2.4 and 5 GHz ISM bands and is therefore the natural choice for your Over-the-Air (OTA) measurements of WLAN, Bluetooth devices, or IoT applications such as ZigBee and Thread.

“We wanted to create a high performing product for our customers on the WLAN and Bluetooth market to a competitive price. WLAN and Bluetooth are receiving more and more interest due to the growing IoT focus and we know that these customers are struggling with problems to verify devices or access points in a repeatable and accurate way. The RTS25 enables a shielded, controlled and repeatable OTA environment, and the small size of RTS25 makes the investment less painful and the maintenance cost is at a bare minimum.” says Kjell Olovsson, CEO.

The reverberation chamber provides an inherent 3D multipath environment that is needed to enable the MIMO functionality, hence substantially reducing the start cost for MIMO measurements compared with other OTA solutions. Kjell Olovsson continues: “We have thought about the cost for the customer from every aspect of the entire development process. Combine the RTS25 with our accompanying throughput test solution and you will have the most cost effective and complete WLAN throughput measurement test solution on the market.”

Bluetest’s RTS reverberation chambers help the RF or antenna engineer to optimize the radio performance of wireless devices in a cost efficient, accurate and repeatable way.


Bluetest is the pioneer and market leader in reverberation chamber technology for over-the-air (OTA) testing of wireless devices and small antennas. Bluetest’s innovative RTS products have been adopted by the largest mobile phone manufacturers, network operators, antenna manufacturers and other providers of wireless solutions. For more information visit


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