TRP/TIS Measurements

Total Radiated Power (TRP) and Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS) goes under the category of Bluetest's active measurements. Active measurements means that the transmitter/receiver in the DUT is active and powered up. Active measurements will give you a complete overview of how the whole system in your device is performing. These are parameters directly related to the antenna radiation efficiency, and are well proven measurements in Bluetest's reverberation chambers. The TRP and TIS measurements in a reverberation chamber are standardized and included in the 3GPP Test Specification TS 34.114.

Total Radiated Power

A TRP measurement lets you verify your transmitter or transmitter antenna design. TRP measurements are especially suitable when a cable connection to an antenna port is difficult. The typical TRP measurement times are 1 minute per channel in the RTS.

A third party base station emulator is used with the reverberation chamber for TRP measurements to establish and maintain connection with the active device. It controls the traffic channel, output power, and samples the transmitted power. The whole system (base station and reverberation chamber) is easily controlled by the Flow software platform.



Total Isotropic Sensitivity

A TIS measurements lets you verify how your receiver and receiver antenna design performs. It is a common way to characterize the active device's performance at downlink frequencies. The idea is to measure sensitivity of the device due to noise impairment and to find the lowest power level on which the device can still maintain a reliable connection. Typical test time for a TIS measurement is dependent on the communication standard. Our faster TIS option where you can significantly reduce your TIS test time is available for a selection of communication standards.

Also TIS measurements are, just like TRP, used with a base station emulator connected to the reverberation chamber to set up a connection and then starting a bit error rate (BER) measurement. The whole system (base station and reverberation chamber) is, also for TIS measurements, easily controlled by the Flow software platform.