Bluetest exhibits at CommunicAsia 2008

Bluetest´s distributor for the ASEAN countries, ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems), will demonstrate the capabilities of Bluetest´s reverberation chambers in the Swedish Pavilion (booth #3H2-03) at CommunicAsia 2008 in Singapore, June 17-20.

Learn more about making direct measurements of diversity gain and MIMO capacity in only one minute using the Bluetest High Performance (HP) reverberation chamber. Antenna efficiency and TRP per channel can also be measured in only one minute. TIS measurements take about 10 minutes/channel for GSM and WCDMA.

Bluetooth TRP and TIS test in less than 3 minutes/channel

Bluetest is releasing new software for Bluetooth TRP and TIS measurements. In the same measurement sequence, it is possible to obtain both the TRP and TIS value of a Bluetooth device in less than 3 minutes/channel.

The Bluetest chamber is the only commercially available reverberation chamber with software for measuring antenna efficiency, TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity), TRP (Total Radiated Power), diversity gain and MIMO capacity. Besides TRP and TIS software for Bluetooth, Bluetest can also deliver TRP and TIS software for GSM, WCDMA, CDMA2000, GPRS/EDGE and HSPA.

Bluetest presentation at iWAT 2008

At the 2008 International Workshop on Antenna Technology iWAT in Chiba, Japan, Bluetest´s CEO Mats Andersson presented the invited paper "Three Fast Ways of Measuring Receiver Sensitivity in a Reverberation Chamber" by Mats Andersson, Charlie Orlenius, and Per-Simon Kildal.

HP chamber no. 10 to Taiwan

Bluetest is happy to announce an order for High Performance chamber no. 10. It is also the first order to Taiwan. Bluetest has previously delivered reverberation chambers to several Asian countries which have companies focused on wireless devices with small antennas, among them Korea, Japan, China, and now also Taiwan.

Bluetest article in Microwave Engineering Europe

In their latest issue, Microwave Engineering Europe (MWEE) publishes an article highlighting the benefits of the reverberation chamber. The article is authored by Bluetest CEO Mats Andersson and gives a thorough background to measurements of devices with integrated small antennas. See a web version of the January/February issue of MWEE here, the reverberation chamber article is found on page 24.

Bluetest releases TRP and TIS SW for GPRS/EDGE and HSPA

With the delivery of HP chamber no. 8 in December 2007 Bluetest has delivered TRP and TIS software for GPRS/EDGE and HSPA. The TRP measurements take one minute/channel with an accuracy of better than 0.5 dB standard deviation, and TIS measurements take about 10 minutes/channel.

Software for measuring GSM, WCDMA and CDMA2000 with the same speed in the HP chamber is available since earlier. Software for Bluetooth measurements is planned to be ready in March 2008.

Bluetest recieves its first order from Japan

Bluetest is happy to announce its first order to Japan for High Performance reverberation chamber no. 9. In connection with the delivery of the chamber in early March 2008, Bluetest´s Japanese distributor Toyo Corporation will arrange a seminar to introduce the Bluetest products to wireless companies in Japan.

Bluetest signs distribution agreement for Taiwan and China with QuieTek

Taiwan has many of the world leading companies developing and manufacturing wireless devices with small antennas. "Bluetest is very happy to add QuieTek, which is a well known Taiwanese EMC and wireless certification lab with a large customer base in Taiwan and China, to its list of Asian distributors" says Mats Andersson, CEO of Bluetest AB.



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