Bluetest will participate at the AP-S 2012 conference in Chicago

Bluetest will attend at the 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (AP-S) in Chicago, IL, USA on July 8-14. Bluetest will together with Chalmers University hold a half day short course on July 8 called OTA Measurements in Reverberation Chamber. In addition to the short course Bluetest has two contributions to the conference together with Chalmers University that will be presented on Wednesday, July 12. Bluetest’s distributor MI Technologies will exhibit in booth # 406.

Bluetest AB achieved highest turnover ever

For fiscal year 2012, Bluetest AB increased sales more than 100 percent – achieving the highest turnover in the history of the company. Reasons include high demand of solutions for Over-The-Air MIMO measurements of mobile phones and other wireless devices.

Kjell Olovsson, Bluetest AB CEO, says: “Our sales of MIMO enabled reverberation test systems used for mobile phones and mobile devices, currently the biggest market segment for Bluetest, has increased according to plan. In addition, we are meeting solid demand from our customers for the recently introduced W-LAN test system.”

Bluetest releases new WLAN IP TPUT tester!

Bluetest is now launching the new WLAN IP throughput tester TTS11 (Throughput Test System 11), an instrument for IP throughput testing for the WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n standards. To measure the throughput versus received power level is the best way to characterize a WLAN device on the IP level. The TTS11 is an excellent tool to fast and accurately distinguish between a god and bad transceiver designs.

Bluetest Support of Agilent PXT for LTE Over-the-Air Testing

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 7, 2012

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that Bluetest AB now supports Agilent’s PXI wireless communications test set. The Bluetest RTS (Reverberation Test System) uses the Agilent PXT test set to evaluate LTE devices over the air.

OTA testing of LTE user equipment is essential to evaluate and prove performance prior to commercial deployment. Bluetest offers a range of fast and accurate solutions to these measurement challenges.

Bluetest is looking for engineers

We need to expand our development organization in Gothenburg. We are looking for engineers that can help us to secure our position as the leading supplier of test solutions.

Are you interested? Read more and apply here (Swedish).

Bluetest is attending the ISAP 2011 conference, 25-28 October in Jeju, Korea

Bluetest will attend the ISAP 2011 conference in Jeju, South Korea together with our distributor Dymstec. Bluetest’s and Dymstec’s contribution will be presented in a poster presentation at the conference.

Prof. Per-Simon Kildal is an invited speaker at ISAP 2011 and he will give a presentation Wednesday 26th at 11.10-11.40 about Fast and Cost Effective OTA-MIMO Measurements in Reverberation Chamber. You can find his abstract and biography here

Article about Bluetest in Elektroniktidningen

Elektroniktidningen in Sweden has published an article about Bluetest in the August issue of the magazine. The article describes the success Bluetest has had the past 10 years and how the market starts to accept the Reverberation Test System as a good method to verify small antennas and terminals with small antennas. The article is in Swedish and you can find it here.

Prof Kildal receives high IEEE APS award for reverberation chamber research

Professor Per-Simon Kildal, the founder and main owner of Bluetest AB, has received the prestigious Distinguished Achievements Award of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (APS) for “For pioneering contributions to design and characterization methods for reflectors, feeds and small antennas utilizing soft and hard surfaces, and reverberation chamber for Over-The-Air measurements”.

Bluetest Business Development Manager Asia Pacific

Michael Kwan has joined Bluetest as the Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific as of today. Michael has previously worked for Wandel & Goltermann, Acterna and for Willtek (Wireless Telecom Group) as the head for China sales. We are sure that his long experience in the Asian wireless business will help us to grow and expand the Bluetest business in the region. Michael will be located in Beijing but will spend a lot of his time traveling to help our distributors and customers in the region.

Bluetest more than doubled sales compared to last fiscal year

During Bluetest’s fiscal year 2010/2011 sales was more than doubled compared to the previous fiscal year. The successful sales increase has mainly been driven by the high demand for cost effective LTE MIMO OTA test solutions. Bluetest proven technology is now used by more than 50 customers worldwide including 14 of the largest mobile device manufacturers as well as 6 of the largest telecom operators in the world. Bluetest will continue to expand and invest to stay in the world leading position in the reverberation test system industry.

Bluetest expands the user base for their LTE/MIMO OTA test system

The demand for the Bluetest RTS60, which is the most cost-effective LTE MIMO OTA test system on the market, is growing rapidly. The introduction of LTE capable devices continues at a rapid pace as the demand for mobile broadband continues to grow. During the past months the number of installed systems for LTE/MIMO have increased to 20 worldwide.

Bluetest will exhibit at EuCAP 2011 in Rome, Italy 11-15 April

Bluetest is exhibiting and gives presentations at the 5th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation in Rome 11-15 April. Through presentations and exhibition, EuCAP provides the ideal place for the exchange of scientific and technical information, both at academic and industrial levels.

Bluetest will exhibit at CTIA Wireless 22-24 of March in Orlando, Florida, USA together with MI Technologies

The CTIA Wireless is the premier wireless event that brings together wireless and converged communications, wireless broadband, mobile web. International CTIA WIRELESS is where the wireless world meets each year for three days of intense business, learning and networking. Bluetest and MI Technologies will have an RTS60 in the booth for live measurements and demos. You will find us in booth 1327 and you are welcome to visit us to see some live tests! For more information about CTIA Wireless click here.

Bluetest is exhibiting at Elektronik 2011 16-17 of March at Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg

Elektronik 2011 is Sweden’s new electronic trade fair where you can meet local and national electronic suppliers. The microwave cluster Microwave Road has a meeting- and information sharing point in stand B04:02 in which Bluetest will exhibit together with other member companies. If you are visiting the fair these two days, come and meet us in stand B04:02! For more information about the exhibition click here.

Spirent and Bluetest Collaborate to Advance Mobile Device RF Testing

Spirent Communications, a leader in testing wireless networks, services and devices, and Bluetest AB, a leading supplier of reverberation test systems, today announced their collaboration to advance Over-The-Air (OTA) test methods for mobile devices. Through their collective research and development, these two industry leaders will dramatically improve the time and reduce the cost required to deliver a superior user experience to mobile subscribers.

Bluetest signs distribution agreement with AIMIL Ltd. in India

Bluetest continues its market expansion with a new distributor in India. AIMIL Ltd. is now distributing Bluetest’s products on the Indian market. AIMIL is a large organization with over 500 employees and have a nationwide sales network. Bluetest can together with AIMIL be closer to customers and provide a better service to them. Contact Sunil Grover, Vice President of AIMIL Ltd., for information or enquiries on the Indian market.

The number of users of Bluetest’s LTE/MIMO solution is growing fast

At the end of 2009 Bluetest released the LTE/MIMO OTA solution and today 16 customers worldwide are now using the active LTE/MIMO 2x2 solution to test and develop LTE User Equipment. This is a tremendous growth of users for Bluetest’s LTE/MIMO solution. Along with the rapid growth on the LTE device market the number is expected to increase in the future.

Bluetest doubles its revenue during 2010

Bluetest has during the calendar year 2010 doubled its revenue. The major growth has been in the LTE/MIMO testing field where now more than 15 LTE/MIMO Reverberation Test Systems are installed and in daily use by mobile phone manufacturers and operators around the world. Bluetest has also during the year broken in to a number of new markets, which helped with the growth.

ALMI Invest and K-Svets Venture invest 6 MSEK in Bluetest

To further speed up the pace in the rapidly growing company Bluetest, based in Gothenburg, ALMI Invest Västsverige (ALMI Invest West Sweden) makes a second investment together with K-Svets Venture of 6 MSEK in the company.

Earlier this year Apple´s Steve Jobs talked about the widespread difficulties that the wireless industry suffers in verifying the performance of smartphones. Bluetest's patented solution is up to 10 times faster and much more cost-effective than traditional technologies.

Bluetest receives the first RTS60 order

The RTS60 was introduced to the market at the end of August this year as the improved replacement for the HP700. The RTS60 has, among other features, improved accuracy and a number of new options like USB and/or Ethernet control of the DUT. One month after the introduction, Bluetest receives the first order for the new system from a customer that is designing highly advanced mobile terminals.

New Generation of Systems – RTS

Bluetest is today launching a new generation of Reverberation Test Systems (RTS). The system includes a highly improved mode stirring concept that takes the performance for OTA measurements to a new level. The mode stirring concept means better accuracy, better repeatability and better stability on measurements. The systems are still very compact and can be placed in virtually any office space. Maintenance, service and calibration is as in the past easy, fast and cost effective.

Article about Bluetest in Microwave Journal

Microwave Journal publish an article about the reverberation test technology in the August issue of the magazine. The article describes the advantages of using a reverberation test system for MIMO antennas. For the full article is available here

Bluetest selected to be highlighted at the Telecom Council Innovation Showcase @ CTIA Enterprise & Applications in San Francisco October 6 - 8.

Bluetest has been selected from over 100 wireless companies to be highlighted at the upcoming Telecom Council Innovation Showcase @ CTIA Enterprise & Applications in San Francisco October 6 - 8. Innovative companies were selected by judges from AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Nokia, NTT Docomol, Huawei, Qualcomm, Motorola and others based standard Telecom Council criteria – innovation, momentum, viability, and management. Telecom Council

Bluetest expands the number of users for the LTE/MIMO OTA Solution

Bluetest has during the last month received orders from 5 new customers on the LTE/MIMO TRP, TIS and Throughput OTA test solution. The Bluetest LTE/MIMO OTA solution was released at the end of 2009 and has since then been ordered/installed at customers in Asia, Europe and the USA. Feedback from customers that uses it on a daily basis is very positive, where they say that it is a very easy to use and fast solution, where it is possible to get reliable and repeatable throughput results in some minutes.

Bluetest launches HSPA TPUT software for the HP700 System

Bluetest is increasing the range of tests that can be performed in the HP700 System with HSPA TPUT (throughput) Software. The software has been out for beta testing at a number of customer sites, all customers that have been testing the software are very satisfied. It is a fast and easy to use application, which gives repeatable throughput results in a few minutes. For more information about the TPUT software contact Bluetest or your local sales contact.

Bluetest beats expectation, new all time high sales

Bluetest has received 8 orders during the last 4 months and already now set a new all time high for the fiscal year 2010 (2009-05-01 – 2010-04-30). This is the 4th year in a row of increasing sales. Several of the recent new orders have been with the new LTE MIMO option which allows high speed and repeatable active MIMO/LTE measurements in minutes for LTE enabled devices. The option includes new hardware and software modules for LTE TRP, TIS and Throughput measurements.



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